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Unified and efficient Machine Learning

Since 1999, Shogun is for:
  • practitioners: wide range of standard and cutting-edge algorithms
  • hackers: core in C++ with unified interfaces to your favourite language
  • scientists: quick prototyping and flexible embedding in workflows
  • idealists: open source license and community driven



    About Shogun

    What's going on?

    GSoC 2017

    We applied to GSoC 2017. Fingers crossed. If you are a talented student, visit our wiki for project ideas around software engineering, efficiency, and real-world applications.

    New Website

    We finally deployed our new website -- much simpler structure, more focus on Shogun's strength, easier to maintain and therefore more updates. Feedback welcome!

    New examples

    We have a new cookbook-style collection of API examples for Shogun -- in all supported interfaces. See the examples page.