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RationalApproximationIndividualJob.h File Reference

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singleton  SGVector< T >
 shogun vector More...
singleton  CLinearOperator< T >
 Abstract template base class that represents a linear operator, e.g. a matrix. More...
singleton  CLinearSolver< T, ST >
 Abstract template base class that provides an abstract solve method for linear systems, that takes a linear operator \(A\), a vector \(b\), solves the system \(Ax=b\) and returns the vector \(x\). More...
class  CRationalApproximationIndividualJob
 Implementation of independent job that solves one of the family of shifted systems in rational approximation of linear operator function times a vector using a direct linear solver. The shift is moved inside the operator. compute calls submit_results of the aggregator with CVectorResult which is the solution vector for that shift multiplied by complex weight (See CRationalApproximation) More...

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