SHOGUN  5.0.0
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Static Interfaces

Screenshots for the static interfaces.

Octave Interface

Examples for octave can be found online here or in the examples/octave directory.

Screenshot of the static octave interface (see

Matlab Interface

Examples for matlab can be found here or in the examples/matlab directory.

Screenshot of the static matlab interface (see

Python Interface

Examples for python can be found here or in the examples/python directory.

Screenshot of the static python interface (see

R Interface

Examples for R can be found here or in the examples/R directory.

Screenshot of the static R interface (see

Modular Interfaces

In contrast to the static interfaces, the modular interfaces allow multiple objects of the same kind. Thus they are well suited for complex applications requiring e.g. multiple classifiers. Currently the only supported modular interface uses python as a front-end. However, the modular octave interface is build by default too and works reliably albeit a bug in octave (octave will crash on exit unregistering global variables).

Python-Modular Interface

Examples for python-modular can be found here or in the examples/python_modular directory.

Screenshot of the python-modular interface (see

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