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CKernelNormalizer Class Reference

Detailed Description

The class Kernel Normalizer defines a function to post-process kernel values.

Formally it defines f(.,.,.)

\[ k'({\bf x},{\bf x'}) = f(k({\bf x},{\bf x'}),{\bf x},{\bf x'}) \]

examples for f(.,.,.) would be scaling with a constant

\[ f(k({\bf x},{\bf x'}), ., .)= \frac{1}{c}\cdot k({\bf x},{\bf x'}) \]

as can be found in class CAvgDiagKernelNormalizer, the identity (cf. CIdentityKernelNormalizer), dividing by the Square Root of the product of the diagonal elements which effectively normalizes the vectors in feature space to norm 1 (see CSqrtDiagKernelNormalizer)

\[ k'({\bf x},{\bf x'}) = \frac{k({\bf x},{\bf x'})}{\sqrt{k({\bf x},{\bf x})k({\bf x'},{\bf x'})}} \]

Definition at line 51 of file KernelNormalizer.h.

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Public Member Functions

 CKernelNormalizer ()
virtual ~CKernelNormalizer ()
virtual bool init (CKernel *k)=0
virtual float64_t normalize (float64_t value, int32_t idx_lhs, int32_t idx_rhs)=0
virtual float64_t normalize_lhs (float64_t value, int32_t idx_lhs)=0
virtual float64_t normalize_rhs (float64_t value, int32_t idx_rhs)=0
virtual void register_params ()
ENormalizerType get_normalizer_type ()
void set_normalizer_type (ENormalizerType type)

Protected Attributes

ENormalizerType m_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

default constructor

Definition at line 57 of file KernelNormalizer.h.

virtual ~CKernelNormalizer (  )  [virtual]

default destructor

Definition at line 64 of file KernelNormalizer.h.

Member Function Documentation

ENormalizerType get_normalizer_type (  ) 

getter for normalizer type

Definition at line 99 of file KernelNormalizer.h.

virtual bool init ( CKernel k  )  [pure virtual]
virtual float64_t normalize ( float64_t  value,
int32_t  idx_lhs,
int32_t  idx_rhs 
) [pure virtual]
virtual float64_t normalize_lhs ( float64_t  value,
int32_t  idx_lhs 
) [pure virtual]
virtual float64_t normalize_rhs ( float64_t  value,
int32_t  idx_rhs 
) [pure virtual]
virtual void register_params (  )  [virtual]

register the parameters

Reimplemented in CMultitaskKernelPlifNormalizer.

Definition at line 92 of file KernelNormalizer.h.

void set_normalizer_type ( ENormalizerType  type  ) 

setter for normalizer type

type type of normalizer

Definition at line 107 of file KernelNormalizer.h.

Member Data Documentation

ENormalizerType m_type [protected]

normalizer type

Definition at line 114 of file KernelNormalizer.h.

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