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CPlifMatrix Class Reference

Detailed Description

store plif arrays for all transitions in the model

Definition at line 28 of file PlifMatrix.h.

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Public Member Functions

 CPlifMatrix ()
 ~CPlifMatrix ()
CPlif ** get_PEN ()
CPlifBase ** get_plif_matrix ()
int32_t get_num_states ()
CPlifBase ** get_state_signals ()
int32_t get_num_plifs ()
int32_t get_num_limits ()
void create_plifs (int32_t num_plifs, int32_t num_limits)
void set_plif_ids (SGVector< int32_t > ids)
void set_plif_min_values (SGVector< float64_t > min_values)
void set_plif_max_values (SGVector< float64_t > max_values)
void set_plif_use_cache (SGVector< bool > use_cache)
void set_plif_use_svm (SGVector< int32_t > use_svm)
void set_plif_limits (SGMatrix< float64_t > limits)
void set_plif_penalties (SGMatrix< float64_t > penalties)
void set_plif_names (SGString< char > *names, int32_t num_values, int32_t maxlen=0)
void set_plif_transform_type (SGString< char > *transform_type, int32_t num_values, int32_t maxlen=0)
int32_t get_plif_id (int32_t idx)
bool compute_plif_matrix (SGNDArray< float64_t > penalties_array)
bool compute_signal_plifs (SGMatrix< int32_t > state_signals)
void set_plif_state_signal_matrix (int32_t *plif_id_matrix, int32_t m, int32_t n)
virtual const char * get_name () const

Protected Attributes

CPlif ** m_PEN
int32_t m_num_plifs
int32_t m_num_limits
int32_t m_num_states
int m_feat_dim3
CArray< int32_t > m_ids
CPlifBase ** m_plif_matrix
CPlifBase ** m_state_signals

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CPlifMatrix (  ) 


Definition at line 8 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

~CPlifMatrix (  ) 


Definition at line 13 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool compute_plif_matrix ( SGNDArray< float64_t penalties_array  ) 

parse an 3D array of plif ids and compute the corresponding 2D plif matrix by subsuming the third dim into one PlifArray; Note: the class PlifArray is derived from PlifBase. It computes all individual plifs and sums them up.

penalties_array 3D array of plif ids (nofstates x nofstates x nof(features for each transition))

Definition at line 182 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

bool compute_signal_plifs ( SGMatrix< int32_t >  state_signals  ) 

parse an 3D array of plif ids and compute the corresponding 3D plif array;

state_signals mapping of features to states

Definition at line 245 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

void create_plifs ( int32_t  num_plifs,
int32_t  num_limits 

create an empty plif matrix of size num_plifs * num_limits

num_plifs number of plifs
num_limits number of plif limits

Definition at line 27 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

virtual const char* get_name ( void   )  const [virtual]
object name

Implements CSGObject.

Definition at line 189 of file PlifMatrix.h.

int32_t get_num_limits (  ) 

get number of support points for picewise linear transformations (PLiFs)

number of support points

Definition at line 77 of file PlifMatrix.h.

int32_t get_num_plifs (  ) 

get number of plifs

number of plifs

Definition at line 71 of file PlifMatrix.h.

int32_t get_num_states (  ) 

get number of states the number of states determines the size of the plif matrix

number of states

Definition at line 58 of file PlifMatrix.h.

CPlif** get_PEN (  ) 

get array of all plifs

plif array

Definition at line 45 of file PlifMatrix.h.

int32_t get_plif_id ( int32_t  idx  ) 

return plif id for idx

idx idx of plif
id of plif

Definition at line 153 of file PlifMatrix.h.

CPlifBase** get_plif_matrix (  ) 

get plif matrix

matrix of plifs

Definition at line 51 of file PlifMatrix.h.

CPlifBase** get_state_signals (  ) 

get plifs defining the mapping of signals to states


Definition at line 65 of file PlifMatrix.h.

void set_plif_ids ( SGVector< int32_t >  ids  ) 

set plif ids

ids plif ids

Definition at line 41 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

void set_plif_limits ( SGMatrix< float64_t limits  ) 

set all abscissa values of the support points for the for the pice wise linear transformations (PLiFs)

limits array of length num_plifs*num_limits

Definition at line 104 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

void set_plif_max_values ( SGVector< float64_t max_values  ) 

set array of max values for all plifs

max_values array of max values

Definition at line 68 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

void set_plif_min_values ( SGVector< float64_t min_values  ) 

set array of min values for all plifs

min_values array of min values

Definition at line 56 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

void set_plif_names ( SGString< char > *  names,
int32_t  num_values,
int32_t  maxlen = 0 

set names for the PLiFs

names names
num_values number of names
maxlen maximal string len of the names

Definition at line 145 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

void set_plif_penalties ( SGMatrix< float64_t penalties  ) 

set all ordinate values of the support points for the for the pice wise linear transformations (PLiFs)

penalties plif values: array of length num_plifs*num_limits

Definition at line 124 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

void set_plif_state_signal_matrix ( int32_t *  plif_id_matrix,
int32_t  m,
int32_t  n 

set best path plif state signal matrix

plif_id_matrix plif id matrix
m dimension m of matrix
n dimension n of matrix

Definition at line 272 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

void set_plif_transform_type ( SGString< char > *  transform_type,
int32_t  num_values,
int32_t  maxlen = 0 

set plif transform type; for some features the plifs live in log space therefore the input values have to be transformed to log space before the transformation can be applied; the transform type is string coded

transform_type transform type (e.g. LOG(x), LOG(x+1), ...)
num_values number of transform strings
maxlen of transform strings

Definition at line 159 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

void set_plif_use_cache ( SGVector< bool >  use_cache  ) 

set plif use cache

use_cache set array of bool values

Definition at line 80 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

void set_plif_use_svm ( SGVector< int32_t >  use_svm  ) 

set plif use svm

use_svm use svm

Definition at line 92 of file PlifMatrix.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int m_feat_dim3 [protected]

maximal number of features for a given state

Definition at line 206 of file PlifMatrix.h.

CArray<int32_t> m_ids [protected]

plif ids

Definition at line 209 of file PlifMatrix.h.

int32_t m_num_limits [protected]

number of supporting points per plif

Definition at line 200 of file PlifMatrix.h.

int32_t m_num_plifs [protected]

number of plifs

Definition at line 197 of file PlifMatrix.h.

int32_t m_num_states [protected]

number of states in model

Definition at line 203 of file PlifMatrix.h.

CPlif** m_PEN [protected]

array of plifs

Definition at line 194 of file PlifMatrix.h.

CPlifBase** m_plif_matrix [protected]

plif matrix

Definition at line 212 of file PlifMatrix.h.

CPlifBase** m_state_signals [protected]

state signals

Definition at line 215 of file PlifMatrix.h.

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