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CVwCacheReader Class Reference

Detailed Description

Base class from which all cache readers for VW should be derived.

The object is given cache file information and the environment which will be used during parsing, and must implement a read_cached_example() function which returns a parsed example by reference.

Definition at line 43 of file VwCacheReader.h.

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Public Member Functions

 CVwCacheReader ()
 CVwCacheReader (char *fname, CVwEnvironment *env_to_use)
 CVwCacheReader (int32_t f, CVwEnvironment *env_to_use)
virtual ~CVwCacheReader ()
virtual void set_file (int32_t f)
virtual void set_env (CVwEnvironment *env_to_use)
virtual CVwEnvironmentget_env ()
virtual void set_mm (float64_t label)
virtual void noop_mm (float64_t label)
virtual void set_minmax (float64_t label)
virtual bool read_cached_example (VwExample *const ae)=0
virtual const char * get_name () const

Protected Attributes

int32_t fd
 File descriptor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CVwCacheReader (  ) 

Default constructor

Definition at line 20 of file VwCacheReader.cpp.

CVwCacheReader ( char *  fname,
CVwEnvironment env_to_use 

Constructor, opens file specified by filename

fname name of file to open
env_to_use Environment to use

Definition at line 27 of file VwCacheReader.cpp.

CVwCacheReader ( int32_t  f,
CVwEnvironment env_to_use 

Constructor which takes an already opened file descriptor as argument.

f file descriptor
env_to_use VwEnvironment object to use

Definition at line 39 of file VwCacheReader.cpp.

~CVwCacheReader (  )  [virtual]


Definition at line 47 of file VwCacheReader.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

CVwEnvironment * get_env (  )  [virtual]

Get the environment


Definition at line 66 of file VwCacheReader.cpp.

virtual const char* get_name ( void   )  const [virtual]

Return the name of the object


Implements CSGObject.

Reimplemented in CVwNativeCacheReader.

Definition at line 137 of file VwCacheReader.h.

virtual void noop_mm ( float64_t  label  )  [virtual]

A dummy function performing no operation in case training is not to be performed.

label label

Definition at line 112 of file VwCacheReader.h.

virtual bool read_cached_example ( VwExample *const   ae  )  [pure virtual]

Function to read one example from the cache

read example

Implemented in CVwNativeCacheReader.

void set_env ( CVwEnvironment env_to_use  )  [virtual]

Set the environment

env_to_use environment

Definition at line 60 of file VwCacheReader.cpp.

void set_file ( int32_t  f  )  [virtual]

Set the file descriptor to use

f descriptor of cache file

Reimplemented in CVwNativeCacheReader.

Definition at line 55 of file VwCacheReader.cpp.

virtual void set_minmax ( float64_t  label  )  [virtual]

Function which is actually called to update min and max labels Should be set to one of the functions implemented for this.

label label based on which to update

Definition at line 120 of file VwCacheReader.h.

virtual void set_mm ( float64_t  label  )  [virtual]

Update min and max labels seen in the environment

label current label based on which to update

Definition at line 99 of file VwCacheReader.h.

Member Data Documentation

CVwEnvironment* env [protected]


Definition at line 144 of file VwCacheReader.h.

int32_t fd [protected]

File descriptor.

Definition at line 141 of file VwCacheReader.h.

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