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TParameter Struct Reference

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parameter struct

Definition at line 24 of file Parameter.h.

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Public Member Functions

 TParameter (const TSGDataType *datatype, void *parameter, const char *name, const char *description)
 ~TParameter ()
void print (const char *prefix)
bool save (CSerializableFile *file, const char *prefix="")
bool load (CSerializableFile *file, const char *prefix="")
void allocate_data_from_scratch (index_t len_y, index_t len_x, bool new_cont_call=true)
void copy_data (const TParameter *source)
bool operator== (const TParameter &other) const
bool operator< (const TParameter &other) const
bool operator> (const TParameter &other) const
void get_incremental_hash (uint32_t &hash, uint32_t &carry, uint32_t &total_length)

Public Attributes

TSGDataType m_datatype
void * m_parameter
char * m_name
char * m_description
bool m_delete_data
bool m_was_allocated_from_scratch

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TParameter ( const TSGDataType datatype,
void *  parameter,
const char *  name,
const char *  description 
) [explicit]

explicit constructor

datatype datatype
parameter pointer to parameter
name name of parameter
description description of parameter

Definition at line 1571 of file Parameter.cpp.

~TParameter (  ) 


Definition at line 1582 of file Parameter.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void allocate_data_from_scratch ( index_t  len_y,
index_t  len_x,
bool  new_cont_call = true 

Allocates data for this instance from scratch. This is one of the core methods in parameter migration. It is used if parameters have to be loaded from file without having a class instance to put the data into. Namely, the data length variables are allocated, for numeric scalars, the memory is allocated, for SG_OBJECT scalars, a pointer to an CSGObject is allocated, for non-scalars, the pointer to the data is allocated for non-scalars, the actual data is also allocated via cont_new()

len_y desired y length of the data
len_x desired x length of the data
new_cont_call whether new_cont should be called, if false, only scalar non-sgobject data will be allocated (needed for migration)

Definition at line 2676 of file Parameter.cpp.

void copy_data ( const TParameter source  ) 

Given another TParameter instance (with same type, except for lengths) all its data is copied to the current one. This means in case of numeric scalars that the value is copied and in SG_OBJECT scalars and any arrays that the pointer to the data is copied. The old data is overwritten. Old SG_OBJECTS are SG_UNREF'ed and the new ones are SG_REF'ed.

source source TParameter instance to copy from

Definition at line 2761 of file Parameter.cpp.

void get_incremental_hash ( uint32_t &  hash,
uint32_t &  carry,
uint32_t &  total_length 

Incrementally get a hash from parameter value*

hash current hash value
carry value for incremental murmur hashing
total_length byte length of parameters. Function will add byte length to received value

Definition at line 2192 of file Parameter.cpp.

bool load ( CSerializableFile file,
const char *  prefix = "" 

load from serializable file

file source file
prefix prefix

Definition at line 2357 of file Parameter.cpp.

bool operator< ( const TParameter other  )  const

operator for comparison (by string m_name)

Definition at line 2666 of file Parameter.cpp.

bool operator== ( const TParameter other  )  const

operator for comparison, (by string m_name)

Definition at line 2659 of file Parameter.cpp.

bool operator> ( const TParameter other  )  const

operator for comparison (by string m_name)

Definition at line 2671 of file Parameter.cpp.

void print ( const char *  prefix  ) 

print with prefix

prefix prefix to print

Definition at line 1634 of file Parameter.cpp.

bool save ( CSerializableFile file,
const char *  prefix = "" 

save to serializable file

file destination file
prefix prefix

Definition at line 2267 of file Parameter.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

type of parameter

Definition at line 90 of file Parameter.h.

if this is set true, the data, m_parameter points to, m_parameter itself, and possible lengths of the type will be deleted in destructor. This is needed because in data migration, TParameter instances are created from scratch without having a class instance and allocated data has to ne deleted in this case. The only way to set this is via an alternate constructor, false by default

Definition at line 105 of file Parameter.h.

description of parameter

Definition at line 96 of file Parameter.h.

char* m_name

name of parameter

Definition at line 94 of file Parameter.h.

void* m_parameter

pointer to parameter

Definition at line 92 of file Parameter.h.

true if data was not allocated by a class which registered its parameter, but from scratch using allocate_data_from_scratch

Definition at line 109 of file Parameter.h.

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