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ICP_stats Struct Reference

Detailed Description

inactive cutting plane statistics

Definition at line 45 of file libbmrm.h.

Public Attributes

uint32_t maxCPs
uint32_t * ICPcounter
float64_t ** ICPs
uint32_t * ACPs

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t* ACPs

vector of the active CPs

Definition at line 57 of file libbmrm.h.

float64_t* H_buff

Temporary buffer for storing H

Definition at line 60 of file libbmrm.h.

uint32_t* ICPcounter

vector of the number of iterations the CPs were inactive

Definition at line 51 of file libbmrm.h.

float64_t** ICPs

vector of addresses of the inactive CPs that needs to be pruned

Definition at line 54 of file libbmrm.h.

uint32_t maxCPs

maximum number of CP stats we can hold

Definition at line 48 of file libbmrm.h.

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