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1 /*! \page elwmsinterface Eierlegendewollmilchsau Interface
3 As mentioned before SHOGUN interfaces to several programming languages and
4 toolkits such as Matlab(tm), R, Python, Octave. The special
5 Eierlegendewollmilchsau (elwms) interface does everything in one file. It is a
6 chimera of all the \subpage staticinterfaces, thus all the examples and
7 documentation form \subpage staticinterfaces still apply.
9 One of the key strengths of this interface is that it provides the
10 \verbatim
11 elwms('run_python', 'A', A, ..., pythoncode, '...')
12 elwms('run_r', 'A', A, ..., 'rfile', '...')
13 elwms('run_octave', 'A', A, ..., octavecode, '...')
14 \endverbatim
16 interoperability commands that enable running of code in foreign languages. For
17 example
19 \verbinclude octave_matplotlib.m
21 allows us to use matplotlib to plot figures from within octave! All the types
22 that shogun supports when translating variables between languages. In this case
23 two floating point matrices A and B are passed to python and they are passed
24 back from python unchanged together with a list of strings and another variable
25 x. Note that the it uses \b elwms instead of \b sg as function name.
27 In addition it is suggested to have a look at the examples/elwms directory for
28 additional commands elwms provides.
29 */

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