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DenseEigen3DotProduct.h File Reference

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virtual T compute (SGVector< T > vector1, SGVector< T > vector2) const
 Template class for Eigen3 dot product that performs dot product operation( \(\sum_{i=1}^d a_ib_i$ where $a,b$ are $d$-dimensional vectors) using Eigen3 Library */ template <class T> class DenseEigen3DotProduct : public VectorDotProduct<T, SGVector<T> > { public: /** Constructor */ DenseEigen3DotProduct() : VectorDotProduct<T, SGVector<T> >() { } /** Compute method which performs dot product operation (\){i=1}^d a_ib_i$ where $a,b$ are $d$-dimensional vectors)
virtual ~DenseEigen3DotProduct ()

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