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CKMeansLloydImpl Class Reference

Detailed Description

Implementation class for the standard KMeans algorithm.

Definition at line 23 of file KMeansLloydImpl.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static void Lloyd_KMeans (int32_t k, CDistance *distance, int32_t max_iter, SGMatrix< float64_t > mus, bool fixed_centers)

Member Function Documentation

void Lloyd_KMeans ( int32_t  k,
CDistance distance,
int32_t  max_iter,
SGMatrix< float64_t mus,
bool  fixed_centers 

Lloyd's KMeans training method

kparameter k
max_itermax iterations allowed
muscluster centers matrix (k columns)
fixed_centerskeep centers fixed or not

Definition at line 21 of file KMeansLloydImpl.cpp.

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