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CWDSVMOcas Class Reference

Detailed Description

class WDSVMOcas

Definition at line 28 of file WDSVMOcas.h.

Inheritance diagram for CWDSVMOcas:
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Public Member Functions

 CWDSVMOcas ()
 CWDSVMOcas (float64_t C, int32_t d, int32_t from_d, CStringFeatures< uint8_t > *traindat, CLabels *trainlab)
virtual ~CWDSVMOcas ()
virtual EMachineType get_classifier_type ()
void set_C (float64_t c_neg, float64_t c_pos)
float64_t get_C1 ()
float64_t get_C2 ()
void set_epsilon (float64_t eps)
float64_t get_epsilon ()
void set_features (CStringFeatures< uint8_t > *feat)
CStringFeatures< uint8_t > * get_features ()
void set_bias_enabled (bool enable_bias)
bool get_bias_enabled ()
void set_bufsize (int32_t sz)
int32_t get_bufsize ()
void set_degree (int32_t d, int32_t from_d)
int32_t get_degree ()
virtual CBinaryLabelsapply_binary (CFeatures *data=NULL)
virtual CRegressionLabelsapply_regression (CFeatures *data=NULL)
virtual float64_t apply_one (int32_t num)
void set_normalization_const ()
float64_t get_normalization_const ()
virtual bool train (CFeatures *data=NULL)
virtual CLabelsapply (CFeatures *data=NULL)
virtual CMulticlassLabelsapply_multiclass (CFeatures *data=NULL)
virtual CStructuredLabelsapply_structured (CFeatures *data=NULL)
virtual CLatentLabelsapply_latent (CFeatures *data=NULL)
virtual void set_labels (CLabels *lab)
virtual CLabelsget_labels ()
void set_max_train_time (float64_t t)
float64_t get_max_train_time ()
void set_solver_type (ESolverType st)
ESolverType get_solver_type ()
virtual void set_store_model_features (bool store_model)
virtual bool train_locked (SGVector< index_t > indices)
virtual CLabelsapply_locked (SGVector< index_t > indices)
virtual CBinaryLabelsapply_locked_binary (SGVector< index_t > indices)
virtual CRegressionLabelsapply_locked_regression (SGVector< index_t > indices)
virtual CMulticlassLabelsapply_locked_multiclass (SGVector< index_t > indices)
virtual CStructuredLabelsapply_locked_structured (SGVector< index_t > indices)
virtual CLatentLabelsapply_locked_latent (SGVector< index_t > indices)
virtual void data_lock (CLabels *labs, CFeatures *features)
virtual void post_lock (CLabels *labs, CFeatures *features)
virtual void data_unlock ()
virtual bool supports_locking () const
bool is_data_locked () const
virtual EProblemType get_machine_problem_type () const
virtual CSGObjectshallow_copy () const
virtual CSGObjectdeep_copy () const
virtual bool is_generic (EPrimitiveType *generic) const
template<class T >
void set_generic ()
void unset_generic ()
virtual void print_serializable (const char *prefix="")
virtual bool save_serializable (CSerializableFile *file, const char *prefix="", int32_t param_version=Version::get_version_parameter())
virtual bool load_serializable (CSerializableFile *file, const char *prefix="", int32_t param_version=Version::get_version_parameter())
DynArray< TParameter * > * load_file_parameters (const SGParamInfo *param_info, int32_t file_version, CSerializableFile *file, const char *prefix="")
DynArray< TParameter * > * load_all_file_parameters (int32_t file_version, int32_t current_version, CSerializableFile *file, const char *prefix="")
void map_parameters (DynArray< TParameter * > *param_base, int32_t &base_version, DynArray< const SGParamInfo * > *target_param_infos)
void set_global_io (SGIO *io)
SGIOget_global_io ()
void set_global_parallel (Parallel *parallel)
Parallelget_global_parallel ()
void set_global_version (Version *version)
Versionget_global_version ()
SGStringList< char > get_modelsel_names ()
void print_modsel_params ()
char * get_modsel_param_descr (const char *param_name)
index_t get_modsel_param_index (const char *param_name)
void build_gradient_parameter_dictionary (CMap< TParameter *, CSGObject * > *dict)
virtual void update_parameter_hash ()
virtual bool parameter_hash_changed ()
virtual bool equals (CSGObject *other, float64_t accuracy=0.0, bool tolerant=false)
virtual CSGObjectclone ()

Public Attributes

uint32_t m_hash

Protected Member Functions

SGVector< float64_tapply_get_outputs (CFeatures *data)
int32_t set_wd_weights ()
virtual const char * get_name () const
virtual bool train_machine (CFeatures *data=NULL)
virtual void store_model_features ()
virtual bool is_label_valid (CLabels *lab) const
virtual bool train_require_labels () const
virtual TParametermigrate (DynArray< TParameter * > *param_base, const SGParamInfo *target)
virtual void one_to_one_migration_prepare (DynArray< TParameter * > *param_base, const SGParamInfo *target, TParameter *&replacement, TParameter *&to_migrate, char *old_name=NULL)
virtual void load_serializable_pre () throw (ShogunException)
virtual void load_serializable_post () throw (ShogunException)
virtual void save_serializable_pre () throw (ShogunException)
virtual void save_serializable_post () throw (ShogunException)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void compute_W (float64_t *sq_norm_W, float64_t *dp_WoldW, float64_t *alpha, uint32_t nSel, void *ptr)
static float64_t update_W (float64_t t, void *ptr)
static void * add_new_cut_helper (void *ptr)
static int add_new_cut (float64_t *new_col_H, uint32_t *new_cut, uint32_t cut_length, uint32_t nSel, void *ptr)
static void * compute_output_helper (void *ptr)
static int compute_output (float64_t *output, void *ptr)
static int sort (float64_t *vals, float64_t *data, uint32_t size)
static void print (ocas_return_value_T value)

Protected Attributes

CStringFeatures< uint8_t > * features
bool use_bias
int32_t bufsize
float64_t C1
float64_t C2
float64_t epsilon
E_SVM_TYPE method
int32_t degree
int32_t from_degree
int32_t num_vec
int32_t string_length
int32_t alphabet_size
float64_t normalization_const
float64_t bias