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@sukeyIssue #3539 "Can't install using" opened by frawha -
@sukeyIssue #3539 "Can't install using"-
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@sukeyPull Request #3536 "Test for transposing a Square SGSparseMatrix ."  synchronized by sudk1896 -
@sukeyPull Request #3511 "LinalgRefactor - Remove old linalg::mean"  synchronized by OXPHOS -
@sukeyPull Request #3511 "LinalgRefactor - Remove old linalg::mean"  synchronized by OXPHOS -
@sukeyPull Request #3533 "LinalgRefactor - Remove old linalg::scale"  synchronized by OXPHOS -
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HieronymousHow do I edit the public wiki ?07:46
HieronymousWhen I make changes to the wiki on my local machine, I'm unable to push it on GitHub.07:47
HieronymousThe doc/wiki folder is untracked.07:47
Saurabh7Hieronymous: maybe here
HieronymousSaurabh7: The wiki has its own separate fork. Weird.07:50
HieronymousI was unable to edit the markdown files that were in the SHOGUN repo.07:51
@sukeyPull Request #3540 "IPython Notebook for HessianLLE."  opened by sudk1896 -
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@sukeyIssue #3541 "When I `cmake cmake -DENABLE_TESTING=on ..`, It occurs some error" opened by hongguangguo -
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@sukeyIssue #3542 "How to develop shogun in a easy way." opened by hongguangguo -
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@HeikoSsonney2k: around?15:18
@sukeyIssue #3542 "How to develop shogun in a easy way."-
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@sukeyIssue #3542 "How to develop shogun in a easy way." closed by karlnapf -
@HeikoSHieronymous: see that issue 354215:21
@HeikoSother people have the same issue so a readme would be great15:21
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HieronymousHeikoS: About that. I am unable to commit the README in the wiki15:21
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HieronymousIt is "untracked".15:22
HieronymousI made the changes in the Developer wiki.15:23
@HeikoSah cool, send a pull request15:23
HieronymousBut I can't seem to push it, since its untracked.15:23
Hieronymousmodified:   doc/wiki (modified content, untracked content)15:23
HieronymousThis is what I get, while trying to push it.15:24
@HeikoSah I see15:24
@HeikoSyou need to fork the wiki repo15:24
@HeikoSthen clone your fork15:24
@HeikoSmake changes15:24
@HeikoSpush to your fork, send a pull request15:24
HieronymousOh, Okay. Great, Got it :)15:24
@HeikoSyou cannot push to the  submodule , only devs can15:25
HieronymousYou can review the other PRs till then :) Great, got it.15:25
HieronymousHeikoS: So you want me to add this somehow to the Tapkee notebook then ?15:35
@HeikoSHieronymous: yes15:35
@HeikoSHieronymous: no need to create a new one15:35
HieronymousSure, I will add them in the end then.15:35
@HeikoSHieronymous: check out some of the more sophisticated notebooks for inspiration on how to structure it15:35
@HeikoSHieronymous: needs some polishing, some love in the presentation15:35
@HeikoSotherwise its good15:35
@HeikoSill comment more15:35
HieronymousI would, I actually saw the Tapkee notebook. Meanwhile, can you suggest me some issue other than "doc fix/notebook".15:36
HieronymousI will keep adding docs and notebooks, but something to better understand SHOGUN would be great ?15:37
@HeikoSHieronymous: depends on what you are after15:37
@HeikoSshogun has  a lot of stuff15:37
@HeikoSframework design, numerical algos, cmake build, docs, examples15:38
@HeikoSmaybe port a meta example15:38
@HeikoSthats nice15:38
@HeikoSwe had our gsoc students do twice a week15:38
HieronymousC++ coding would be nice. "Port a meta example". Any discussion thread etc on this.15:38
HieronymousI will take a look then.15:38
@HeikoSRead the readme of the cookbook15:39
@HeikoSexamle cookbook patches that are merged15:39
@HeikoSyou can do this in two ways15:39
@HeikoSeither your just port a python example to the meta language (easy and quick)15:40
@HeikoSand optionally you can write a cookbook page, like in the example patches15:40
@HeikoSthis way you learn about our integration testing15:40
@HeikoSand about multiple interfaces shogun has15:40
@HeikoSand how to execute things15:40
@HeikoSas usual: any contribution to the readme is really welcome, especially since you have an outsiders view and can very easily point out what is confusing15:41
@HeikoSthe cookbooks are quite cool btw15:41
@HeikoSsee "examples" on shogun.ml15:41
HieronymousPerfect, I will go through these then. Yep one thing which is intimidating in SHOGUN for noobs is "lack of docs"15:41
@HeikoSHieronymous: yeah, so thats the most useful thing to do then :)15:42
HieronymousApart from that the fact that C++ isn't really beginner friendly like Python15:42
HieronymousMeanwhile -
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HieronymousHeikoS: I see that there isn't a cookbook example for MultiTaskLogistic Regression.15:56
HieronymousSo I will add one then.15:56
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HieronymousHeikoS: Any hints ? Just the general procedure on how should I go about adding cookbook examples.15:57
@HeikoSHieronymous: thanks for the wiki patch, I commented15:57
@HeikoSreally useful15:57
@HeikoSHieronymous: just take any python example, and translate it to meta15:57
@HeikoSdoing it similar to those example that are already there (naming, style etc)15:58
@HeikoSHieronymous: as the cookbook readme says, porting an example is just creating one file15:58
@HeikoSand adding a cookbook page on the website requires a second file15:58
HieronymousHeikoS: The cookbook actually doesn't have a README.
HieronymousAny details on how to create the ".sg" example. I am assuming that is how you create the meta example.16:16
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@sukeyIssue #3539 "Can't install using" closed by karlnapf -
@sukeyPull Request #3536 "Test for transposing a Square SGSparseMatrix ."  synchronized by sudk1896 -
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HieronymousHeikoS: There aren't any docs in the doc/cookbook. Should I add one, explaining how to go about creating one ?17:34
Hieronymous*creating a cookbook that is.17:35
@HeikoSHieronymous: hi again18:04
@HeikoSHieronymous: still questions?18:04
HieronymousHeikoS: Having dinner. You available for the next few hours ?18:04
HieronymousYep, The cookbook actually doesn't have a README.
@HeikoSI wil be here for another hour or so18:05
HieronymousI am thinking I will create a cookbook for ID3 decision tree of thats fine.18:05
@HeikoSThere is one18:05
@HeikoSin doc/readme18:05
HieronymousOh, I will take a look then.18:05
HieronymousID3 decision tree cookbook fine ? There isn't one last I checked .18:05
@HeikoSThere might be an open PR18:06
@HeikoScooler would be one of the other algos18:06
@HeikoSmetric learning for example18:06
@HeikoSsparse GPs18:06
@HeikoSyou know18:06
@HeikoSthe cool stuff18:06
@HeikoSnot id3, that's a bit lame ;)18:06
HieronymousHaha, HeikoS: Sure , I am aware of PCA, yep ID3 is pretty simple, hence my reason for choosing. I will do one of the ones you mentioned.18:11
@HeikoSI mean18:11
@HeikoSeven if you dont understand what is going on18:11
@HeikoSporting the example itself18:11
@HeikoSis copy paste kind of work18:11
@HeikoSso you dont need a lot for that18:11
@HeikoSfor writing the text, maybe a bit more18:11
@HeikoSbut I can help with that18:11
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@HeikoSwiking: around?19:05
@HeikoSwiking: I finished the numfocus letter, and the summary of details19:06
@HeikoSwill send off on monday, hoping for gunnar to get back19:06
@HeikoSsonney2k: ^19:06
@HeikoSlisitsyn: jo19:06
@HeikoSlisitsyn: how are things?19:06
@HeikoSlisitsyn: haha :)19:07
@HeikoSSaurabh7: around?19:24
@sukeyIssue #3448 "CStringFeatures<char>::clone() fails"-
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