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@sukeyPull Request #3574 "LinalgRefactor - Set rows const"  opened by OXPHOS -
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zero1hacHey all, I am a student of Mathematics and Computing from IIT BHU Varanasi. I have some prior experience with Machine learning, Deep learning and Computer Vision algorithms. I have worked upon these algorithms in Python till yet. Now, I want to contribute to shogun ML toolbox. Can somebody guide me where to start ? Or some reading material about current development in shogun ML?17:05
CaBazero1hac: hi :)17:07
CaBazero1hac: i guess you  might want to check this out
CaBazero1hac: and get in touch with wiking or HeikoS17:07
zero1hacCaBa: Thanks, I have already installed it :) .17:09
zero1hacCaBa: I'll get in touch with wiking17:10
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mic__hi, i am newbie here, i would like to contribute to the development of shogun, i have installed shogun successfully but what to do next? Any help!20:29
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