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@sukeyPull Request #3575 "LinalgRefacotr - Fix GPU Vector/Matrix deep cloning"  synchronized by OXPHOS -
@sukeyPull Request #3534 "LinalgRefactor - Cholesky - CPU only"  synchronized by OXPHOS -
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protinoHi. I have started contributing to shogun cookbook just to get started. I am finding the toolkit really interesting and want to contribute more. Can you please provide some basic entrance tasks. I have viewed them on github but got confused on which one should i start with . Can someone help me plzz.07:42
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@sukeyPull Request #3579 "Add manhattan.rst and"  synchronized by IOcodegeass -
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CaBawiking: nthreads detection on linux is still broken?12:11
@wikingCaBa, in develop yes12:21
@wikingthere's a feature/KernelOMP branch12:22
@wikingwhere its fixed12:22
CaBawiking: setting it manyally is fine, or are there any other implications?12:22
@wikingif you set manually it's ok12:22
CaBawiking: have the mac specific optimization flags found their way in the cmake config?12:25
CaBawiking: have you actually benchmarked the difference?12:35
@wikingmac specific?12:35
@wikingthe -mtunes=native12:35
@wikingis not mac specific12:35
@wikingand yes it'll be a huge diff12:36
@wikingas you'll start to use some features of your cpu12:36
@wikingthat are currently neglected12:36
CaBawiking: -march you mean?12:37
@wikingyesh that12:38
@wikingread about it on gcc or clang12:39
CaBai have quite strange performance issues at times... but probably unrelated to that12:40
CaBawiking: do you think something like this might make it into upstream?12:48
CaBawiking: i didn't see another way to bind C1/C2 during model selection12:48
CaBawiking: and i think it's quite useful...12:48
CaBai'm not sure12:55
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ConfusedGrammerHey, I'm finally at the point where I can start trying to apply open14:50
ConfusedGrammer*openacc pragma directives to the algorithms within the shogun algorithm to paralalyze the algorithms I need to complete my project.14:51
ConfusedGrammerAnyone in here (specifically the developers) have any quick tips I might need to know?14:51
ConfusedGrammerThere doesn't really seem to be much guidance on the subject in the shogun stack overflow14:51
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evilsHi, ayone can give me any link on how can i compile shogun for python3? Thanks, i cant find nothing useful on net18:15
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