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@sukeyPull Request #3582 "LinalgRefactor - Matrix product"  opened by OXPHOS -
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HieronymousHey, I have added a meta example to SHOGUN, specifically SGDSVM.09:53
HieronymousBut am unable to run it via ctest.09:53
HieronymousI built the C++ version of its meta example.09:53
HieronymousI get this though - Constructing a list of tests09:53
HieronymousDone constructing a list of tests09:53
HieronymousChecking test dependency graph...09:53
HieronymousChecking test dependency graph end09:53
HieronymousNo tests were found!!!09:53
HieronymousAny help would be appreciated. Thanks.09:54
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laudaadii tried to install shogun on my ubuntu since yesterday and i got stuck13:51
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@sukeyIssue #3583 "Installation error " opened by Thuva4 -
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