Nov. 16, 2009 - Soeren Sonnenburg -

SHOGUN Release version 0.9.1 (libshogun 6.0, data 0.0, parameter 0.0)
This release contains several enhancements, cleanups and bugfixes:

  • Features:
    • Integrate LaRank.
    • Memory Mapped Features (for data sets that don't fit into memory).
    • Compressor module with compression and decompression support for lzo, gzip, bzip2 and lzma.
    • Compressed String Features with on-the-fly decompression (CDecompressString preproc).
    • Parallel computation of get_kernel_matrix().
    • One may now prefix all shogun print/outputs with file name and line number (
    • Chinese Documentation thanks Elpmis Lee.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix One class MKL testing in static interfaces.
    • Configure fixes: Let octave not write history on configure; fail when cplex is forcefully enabled but not found; add cplex 12 support.
    • Fix a problem with regression and CombinedKernels employing only Custom kernels.
  • Cleanup and API Changes:
    • String Features now (like SimpleFeatures) upon get_feature_vector require an additional do_free argument and need to be freed using free_feature_vector.

Oct. 23, 2009 - Soeren Sonnenburg -

SHOGUN Release version 0.9.0 (libshogun 5.0, data 0.0, parameter 0.0)
This release contains several cleanups and enhancements:

  • Features:
    • Implement set_linear_classifier for static interfaces.
    • Implement Polynomial DotFeatures.
    • Implement domain adaptation SVM.
    • Speed up ScatterSVM.
    • Initial implementation for saving and Loading of shogun objects.
    • Examples have been polished/split up into separate files.
    • Documentation and webpage improvements.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix one class MKL for static interfaces.
    • Fix performance measures integer overflow.
    • Configure fixes to run under OSX's snow leopard.
    • Compiles and runs under solaris both using suncc and gcc.
  • Cleanup and API Changes:
    • It is no longer necessary to call init_kernel TRAIN/TEST.
    • Removed kernel {load,save}_init.
    • Removed preproc {load,save}_init.
    • Move the mkl code from classifier/svm to classifier/mkl.
    • Removed obsolete mindy support.
    • Rename MCSVM to ScatterSVM
    • Move distributions to distributions/ directory.
    • CClassifier::classify() no longer has a label as argument.
    • Introduce CClassifier::train(CFeatures* ) and classify(CFeatures*) for more effective training/testing.
    • Remove unnecessary global symbols.

Aug. 16, 2009 - Soeren Sonnenburg -

SHOGUN Release version 0.8.0 (libshogun 4.0, data 0.0, parameter 0.0)
This release contains several cleanups, features and bugfixes:

  • Features:
    • Implements new multiclass svm formulation.
    • 1,2 and general q-norm MKL for classification, regression and one-class for wrapper and chunking algorithm for arbitrary (dual) SVM solvers.
    • Dynamic Programming code is now accessible from python.
    • Implements Regulatory Modules kernel.
    • Documentation updates (Tutorial, improved installation instructions, overview about the implemented algorithms).
  • Bugfixes:
    • Correct q-norm MKL for Newton.
    • Upon make install of elwms don't install files into R/octave/python if these interfaces were not configured
    • Svm-nu parameter was not set correctly.
    • Fix custom kernel initialization.
    • Correct get_subkernel_weights.
    • Proper Intel core2 compile flags detection
    • Fix number of outputs for KNN.
    • Run tests with proper LD_LIBRARY_PATH set.
    • Fix several memory leaks.
  • Cleanup and API Changes:
    • Rename svm_one_class_nu to svm_nu.
    • Clean up dynamic programming code.
    • Remove commands from_position_list and slide_window and move functionallity into set/add_features,
    • Remove now obsolete legacy examples.

May 2, 2009 - Soeren Sonnenburg -

SHOGUN Release version 0.7.3 (libshogun 3.0, data 0.0, parameter 0.0)
This release contains several bugfixes:

  • Features:
    • Improve libshogun/developer tutorial.
    • Implement convenience function for parallel quicksort.
    • Fasta/fastq file loading for StringFeatures.
  • Bugfixes:
    • get_name function was undefined in Evaluation causing the PerformanceMeasures class to be defunct.
    • Workaround bugs in the std template library for math functions.
    • Compiles cleanly under OSX now, thanks to James Kyle.
  • Cleanup and API Changes:
    • Make sure that all destructors are declared virtual.

March 23, 2009 - Soeren Sonnenburg -

SHOGUN Release version 0.7.2 (libshogun 2.0, data 0.0, parameter 0.0)
This release contains several cleanups and enhancements:

  • Features:
    • Support all data types from python_modular: dense, scipy-sparse csc_sparse matrices and strings of type bool, char, (u)int{8,16,32,64}, float{32,64,96}. In addition, individual vectors/strings can now be obtained and even changed. See examples/python_modular/features_*.py for examples.
    • AUC maximization now works with arbitrary kernel SVMs.
    • Documentation updates, many examples have been polished.
    • Slightly speedup Oligo kernel.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix reading strings from directory (f.load_from_directory()).
    • Update copyright to 2009.
  • Cleanup and API Changes:
    • Remove {Char,Short,Word,Int,Real}Features and only ever use the templated SimpleFeatures.
    • Split up examples in examples/python_modular to separate files.
    • Now use s.set_features(strs) instead of s.set_string_features(strs) to set string features.
    • The meaning of the width parameter for the Oligo Kernel changed, the OligoKernel has been renamed to OligoStringKernel.

March 8, 2009 - Soeren Sonnenburg -

SHOGUN Release version 0.7.1 (libshogun 1.0, data 0.0, parameter 0.0)
This release contains several cleanups and bugfixes:

  • Features:
    • configure now detects libshogun/ui installed in /usr/(local/)lib if libshogun/ui dirs are removed.
    • Improved documentation (and path and doxygen fixes).
    • Tutorial on how to develop with libshogun and to extend shogun.
    • Added the elwms (eilergendewollmilchsau) interface that is a chimera that in one file interfaces to python,octave,r,matlab and provides the run_{octave,python,r} command to run code in {octave,python,r} from within octave,r,matlab,python transparently making variables available to the target interface avoiding file i/o.
    • Implement AttributeFeatures for (attr,value) pairs, trees etc.
  • Bugfixes:
    • fix a crasher occurring with combined kernel and multiple threads.
    • configure now allows building of modular interfaces only.
    • n-dimensional arrays work now in octave.
  • Cleanup and API Changes:
    • Custom Kernel no longer requires features nor initialization, even not when used in CombinedKernel (the combined kernel will skip over custom kernels on init).

Feb. 20, 2009 - Soeren Sonnenburg -

SHOGUN Release version 0.7.0 (libshogun 0.0, data 0.0, parameter 0.0)
This release contains major feature enhancements and bugfixes:

  • Features:
    • Implement DotFeatures and CombinedDotFeatures. DotFeatures need to provide dot-product and similar operations (hence the name). This enables training of linear methods with mixed datatypes (sparse and dense and other even the newly implemented string based SpecFeatures and WDFeatures).
    • MKL now does not require CPLEX any longer.
    • Add q-norm MKL support based on internal Newton implementation.
    • Add 1-norm MKL support based on GLPK.
    • Add multiclass MKL support based on the GLPK and the GMNP svm solver.
    • Implement Tensor Product Pair Kernel (TPPK).
    • Support compilation on the iPhone :)
    • Add an option to set wds kernel position weights.
    • Build static libshogun.a for libshogun target.
    • Testsuite can also test the modular R interface, added test for OligoKernel.
    • Ocas and WDOcas can be used with a bias feature now.
    • Update to LibSVM 2.88.
    • Enable parallelized HMM code by default.
  • Cleanup and API Changes:
    • Shogun has been split up into libshogun and the static and modular interfaces linking to it.
    • Static interfaces now do proper reference counting.
    • Remove SparseLinearClassifier: LinearClassifier is a drop-in replacement.
    • WDOcas and SVMOcas now have the bias term enabled by default.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix regression for COMM* kernels (normalization argument was ignored).
    • Use C99 variadic macros, instead of gcc's own variant.
    • Disable lp_solve, it is not required as we are using GLPK now.
    • Fix HMM training.

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